Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are all your products handmade?   All our glass is hand cut, assembled and fired in kilns from Art glass sheets manufactured in the USA.  Stone is cut, assembled and mesh mounted from marble and lime stone tiles from around the world.

Q. Can we install your glass in swimming pools? 

Q  Is your glass frost resistant?

Q. Do I need to grout my glass liner or mosaic?  You should grout your profile or mosaic for proper installation.   Although some applications can remain ungrouted that are not water exposed.   However, some of our pieces are very textured and layered and you may want to seal this texture so only the perimeter is grouted in. 

Q. Where can I install the glass profiles? Our glass is low to medium wear usage.   Walls and low traffic floors.

Q. I am a dealer/distributor; do I get any special deals, promotions or discounts?

Q. What is the warranty policy?

Q. What if my product was received broken?

Q. Should I expect shade variations or imperfections?    Yes, there will small inherent differences in edges and textures due to the assembly process.   The color range can vary from low to high variations.   Glass cut from solid colors will be low variation, and glass from highly swirled, high movement sheets of glass will have high shade variation as they are cut from different sections of the sheet.  In addition, over time as glass is sourced from different production batches our stock will vary with it.