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Geology Canyon

Geology Canyon

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Weight: 0.5 lbs
Dimensions: 1.5 x 8 "
Thickness: 7/16" ( 12 mm)

Canyon Series 

Moonlight is the Black, White and Grey mix topped with clear glass embedded with a hint of sparkle. 

The color is Dawn. Gorgeous textures and depth with iridescent glass layer over hues of cream, taupe and brown. 

The last color is Dusk.   Canyon Dusk is the Burnt Amber mix of colors.  Fabulous for the rich deep tones.  Great for rustic cabins and woodsy settings. 

Each piece is hand made and full of unique variations.   Grouted or UnGrouted -- both look awesome.  

Size is  1.5  x 8 "   Thick is 7/16"