Collection: Geology Series


Beautiful depth of color, hue and variation in a hand made organic design. These substantial pieces are made thru multiple layering and topped  with random cut vertical glass  pieces.  All fused together to create  depth and texture. 

Geology is a collection of 24 glass liners . Available in 3 distinct profiles and 8 colorways.

The hand made pieces are styled into  Linear, Vertical and Textured styles.

Geology is made by layering glass to give it both color density and textural relief.   Each piece is distinct .     You can choose a grouted or un grouted look. 

Custom mixing in mesh mounted into sheet for larger areas. 

Canyon Series, from sleek to rustic each of the 3 colors can fit your décor.

Dawn is an iridescent finish which is layered on a variegated beige and  rusty brown. 

Dusk is burnt amber and rusty brown that would be at  home in a log cabin or cottage setting.

Moonlight is a Black, White and Grey with a hint of  sparkle embedded in the clear top layer of glass.    Size is 1.5 " x  8"   Thickness.  7/16"